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    Why Inferno Ovens

    Why Inferno Ovens

    Why Inferno Ovens Content


    INFERNO OVENS have a unique side-opening door which makes service and opening easier. INFERNO CHARCOAL OVEN cooking area is one of the largest in the industry even though it takes up very little space in the kitchen.

    The cooking temperature can be set to anywhere between 100°C to 350°C allowing different types of cooking, from baking and smoking to roasting, searing and grilling. Unlike most charcoal ovens in the market INFERNO OVEN 3in1 can also be fuelled with wood, instead of only charcoal allowing the smokiness from the wood to enhance the flavour.

    With INFERNO OVEN 3in1 you have the possibility to control the temperature from 100°C to 350°C by using our unique airflow regulator.

    We recommend an optimal cooking temperature of 250°C, that will allow you to harness the full potential and versatility of the INFERNO OVEN 3in1.

    INFERNO CHARCOAL OVEN tall design is also known as the INFERNO OVEN 3in1 (Charcoal Oven – Grill – Smoker) allowing you to:

    • Smoke
    • Roast
    • Bake
    • Grill
    • Sear

    Making the cooking possibilities in the INFERNO …..endless!

    The INFERNO CHARCOAL OVEN is one of the most economical in the market when it comes to charcoal consumption due to its compact and fully insulated chamber designed to last.

    The FULLY insulated and compact INFERNO CHARCOAL OVEN design makes it possible to run a full 4-5 hours service using only 3-4kg of Restaurant Grade Charcoal.

    There is a 30% less charcoal consumption comparing with other charcoal ovens in the market.

    Serve your customers up to 60% faster than using a conventional gas griller.

    Even though the chamber temperature of the INFERNO CHARCOAL OVEN obviously gets extremely hot, the fully insulated door and walls prevent heat from escaping into the kitchen and gives the chef a more pleasant working environment.

    The INFERNO CHARCOAL OVEN is a more versatile and economical addition compared to a gas grill or other charcoal oven brands in the market.


    Fuelled by either charcoal or wood.

    Quick turnaround

    Cooks 40% faster than an open grill.


    Meat, fish, chicken, seafood, vegetables, bread, pizzas, desserts.


    ‘Tall’ design gives chefs opportunity of cooking with a vast range of temperatures.

    Strong and robust

    Designed and handcrafted in South Africa

    Compact design

    easily fits in any kitchen.


    Easy to use, clean and maintain.


    Available with bespoke Enamelled colour finish.


    Worldwide distribution.


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